Giovanni Campagna

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I'm a software engineer and ML/NLP researcher living in California.

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Current projects

I graduated with my PhD in Computer Science from Stanford University in January 2022. I am currently working at Bardeen, a company that produces workflow automation solutions. I am currently researching ways to make automations easier to specify by end-users.

Past projects

Previously, I was a member of the Stanford Open Virtual Assistant Lab (OVAL), working with prof. Monica Lam on the Genie project, an open source privacy-preserving virtual assistant platform.

Code for Genie is available on Github. You can download the desktop app from Flathub and the Home Assistant add-on from its official repository.

Research Interests

  • Programming languages
  • Compilers and runtime systems
  • Program synthesis from natural language specifications
  • Natural language processing
  • Taking a little bit of everything and making a better whole! 😄

Selected Publications

Additional publications are listed on my Google Scholar profile.

Free Software

I was a developer and a member of the GNOME community from 2011 to about 2015. In the past I was developing GNOME Shell and Mutter, as well as maintaining libgweather and GNOME Weather.

Nowadays I mostly write nodejs, and I maintain several modules.